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Chill Doggy Chill
Calming products for dogs are one of the top 4 searched items on google today. Why is this? Well in all my years as a Pet Nutritionist, I find a lot of disease is exacerbated by not only diet but by stress experienced in the 21st century home.
Beauty is More Than Skin Deep
Keeping young and looking good is at the core of many people’s lives and whilst we throw a lot of money at the skin and cosmetic industry, we need to look at the status of our inner health. Beauty is after all, more than skin deep.
Top Tips on When to Use Probiotics for Your Pets
The topic of dog pooh and the ominous duties of picking it up on a daily basis, has us talking about it a lot. Cat's behaviours are rather different so although gut health is equally important, we talk about it differently.
7 Reasons Why Vitamin C is the King of Vitamins
Vitamin C is the Holy grail of vitamins when it comes to well-being and its plethora of potential benefits. A goodie to have in the cupboard for many occasions.
How to Support Immunity Naturally
How to Support Immunity Naturally
There are always talks about keeping a strong immune system, especially in times like this. Immunity is a multifaceted picture that relies on many aspects of life. The functioning of our immune system is dependent on our genetics and environment (food, toxins and our mental health).
Why is Vitamin D the Talk of the Town?
Why is Vitamin D the Talk of the Town?
Vitamin D is an important and wonderful addition to your diet to support, health and well-being. Read to on to learn about its benefits and where to get it from in your diet.