URIKA Urinary Support System

URIKA is a unique 3-pronged Urinary Support Kit specially formulated to help maintain healthy bladder function and overall systemic urinary health. Three unique formulas designed to provide urinary support either working in unison, or as stand-alone products depending on your requirements. 

Urika is an antibiotic-free solution for and includes Bio-Balance to support female intimate health maintenance, using selected natural food-based nutrients for lasting comfort and support. Urika provides a comprehensive and targeted systemic program for lasting comfort and support.

Formulated with the help of Mother Nature, this program utilises the power of the plant-based nutrient support that gets right to the root cause of urological distress.

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Urika Flow Urinary Bladder Biofilm Support 60 Capsules

Urika Flow Urinary and Biofilm Support formula.
£14.99 £12.99

Urika Active Urinary Tract Support 60 Capsules

Urika Active Support is an advanced blend of D-Mannose, selected herbals and essential vitamins and minerals that works quickly and gently to help address urinary discomfort whilst giving the immune system the support it needs. 
£13.99 £11.99