Chill Doggy Chill

Calming products for dogs are one of the top 4 searched items on google today. Why is this? Well in all my years as a Pet Nutritionist, I find a lot of disease is exacerbated by not only diet but by stress experienced in the 21st century home. How confusing must it be to live in a world where rules are different, alien things like vacuums and televisions exist and the troublesome moment when someone whom you are attached to (your pack leader), leaves the home without you?


Then there’s the outside world of socialising, processing large cars and the temptation of chasing the wheels of an annoying bike. Oh and the fireworks, don’t get me started on fireworks. Anyone whom owns a dog, unless the dog is unusually unbothered, would probably like to get those fireworks and do something with them. 


So how do we overcome the stress? There are lots of tips and techniques and we love them all. This of course includes our effective chicken flavoured K9 Calm supplement.


I would firstly enrol in a brilliant training course or at least look online for courses that help you better understand your pet so you can create a healthy environment to live and thrive in. There are good trainers and behaviourists and there are bad ones but reviews and a loyal following can tell you a lot about someone’s effective processes. 


Looking at a fresh and unprocessed diet is always important. We know that sugar for us is detrimental for health and can affect our behaviour and how we feel. Dogs are biologically designed to derive energy from protein and fat, with carbohydrate having little business being in their diet. However dry food, although never stated on the bag, contains from 35-60% of carbohydrates. This is derived from starches used to stick the ingredients together. We suggest looking for fresher options that contain less sugar. 


Natural plug ins and sprays can help somewhat from an environmental point of view, but we find adding calmatives into the diet, may support adrenal and neurological function.


In our K9 Calm we have some wonderful ingredients. K9-Calm is a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients known to help support a balanced mind and mood. K9-Calm includes Taurine, Inositol, L-Theanine, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Ginger Extract and Magnesium. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Taurine is an amino acid that increases glycine and GABA to help calm the brain. 
  • Inositol may reduce anxiety by supporting serotonin production.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid and has positive effects on both the mental and physical symptoms of stress for your pet. 
  • Thiamine(B1) can make your dog more vulnerable to cellular-level stress or oxidative stress. 
  • Ginger Extract is an age old remedy for sickness and can help when travelling in the car. It is also a calmative and supports healthy histamine production associated with possible car sickness.
  • Magnesium may increase GABA, which encourages relaxation as well as a restful sleep. Low GABA can make it difficult to relax for a dog. Magnesium also plays a key role in regulating the body's stress-response system. Magnesium deficiency is associated with stress and anxiety in both humans and dogs.


K9-Calm is perfect for a dog with hyperactivity or anxiety issues. Separation anxiety, loud noises (e.g. thunderstorms, fireworks etc.), restlessness, socialising, excessive barking and aggression and other stressful situations could be problems of the past. Gentle natural support to help keep your dog in a peaceful state of mind. Give is a whirl if your dog is anxious.


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