Top Tips on When to Use Probiotics for Your Pets

The topic of dog pooh and the ominous duties of picking it up on a daily basis, has us talking about it a lot. Cat's behaviours are rather different so although gut health is equally important, we talk about it differently.


What is a healthy dog pooh? Dry and pickupable actually. Something not many people expect to hear. Your pet's digestive tract is designed to absorb a lot of mositure from food. A raw, fresh or even tinned food will contain 50-70% water where dry food hovers around 8-10%. Ideally the faeces should be relatively dry. 


Here at Troo, we get plenty of lovely customers whose dog's faeces are far from dry and pickupable. This is why our digestive range sells so well. We speak about a humans microbiome but a cat and dog's gut microbiome, although quite different in terms of certain bacterias, functions in the same way. 


Different strains lay resident or transit through the gut offering different benefits. if your dog has ever had an antibiotic and was not given a probiotic to counter it's affects, then probiotics are something to benefit your dog. 


When to use probotics and digestive enzymes

  • Antibiotic use: currently or historically used
  • Diarrhoea or constipation: a poor gut microbiome can effect how well formed stol can be.
  • Vomitting: this can be due to many reasons and if frequent, one should visit their veterinarian, however sometimes this can be cuased by poor gut function and food intolernaces and allergies. Always check the food you are feeding and any other underlying issues.
  • Furballs: probiotics and enzymes can help create a smoother passage for fur.
  • Anal gland issues: probiotics and enzymes can help the passage of food and the ultimate emptying anal sacs.
  • Allergies: if your cat or dog has tear staining, runny eyes, runny nose, itching, hotspots and more, then probiotics and enzymes are a great edition to a healthy regime. 
  • Autoimmune disease: probiotics in humans are beginning to show a blanacing act for the immune response. 


The gut is the pinnicle of good health, ossilating around so many functions in the body. A good probiotic and enzyme formula, can be helpful for any cat and dog. 


If you have concerns or queries about your pet's digestion, please drop us a line.


Alison, Pet Nutritionist and Regulations Officer

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