Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Keeping young and looking good is at the core of many people’s lives and whilst we throw a lot of money at the skin and cosmetic industry, we need to look at the status of our inner health. Beauty is after all, more than skin deep. 


As we age our skin becomes thinner, less elastic and more fragile, fatty tissue just below the skin decreases and our natural oil production can decline leaving our skin dryer. This aging process begins in our early twenties as our natural antioxidant and collagen production begins to decline.Whilst our skin can remain rather flawless up until our mid-thirties, the internal ageing process is dictating a different story into our forties.


Of course diet is incredibly important to keep healthy on the inside and skin supple on the outside. By aiding collagen production and managing free radical damage that occurs all day everyday, due to many factors such as food, stress, exercise, environmental pollutants, toxins and more, we can manage health and stay as youthful as is possible.


Eating more than five a day with a diet oozing with fruit and vegetables can help support skin health. An array of berries such as bilberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes provide phenolic compounds called proanthocyanidins, shown to help aid connective tissue and collagen formation. Citrus fruits known to contain vitamin C can be a wonderful addition to your diet. Vitamin C is a precursor to collagen.


Collagen begins to decline in our early twenties and whilst we imagine this is something that happens in later life, we help support the healthy production of with connective tissue and skin at an earlier age. Marine Collagen is a wonderful addition to the diet, helping to add to the stores of collagen. Collagen supplementation has become very popular in in last few years, however not all products are created equally.


Antioxidants produced naturally by the body such as reduced glutathione and super oxide dismutase, naturally decline in our early adulthood. Supporting this production and adding in plenty of plant matter and supplemental anti-oxidants, is a wonderful way to support immunity and your skin. Vitamin C can indirectly help support immunity and antioxidant production. Vitamin C by nature is a free radical scavenger and in part supports immunity, connective tissue and skin. 


Hyaluronic acid is naturally-occurring polysaccharide located in the skin, joints and eyes and as we age, it decreases in production. Hyaluronic acid is essential for keeping the skin and joints hydrated due to its ability to bind and retain water molecules. As we get older this can be one reason as to why our skin can become dehydrated.


At Troo, our wonderful team of developers have come up with 2 easy to take products to suit different needs. Containing all of the aforementioned, including some B vitamins for skin health. Collagen Derm and Collagen drink are great supplements for all ages. 



Don't forget to hydrate and eat well, pop on your sun factor and look to a collagen supplement for optimum support. Suitable from 18 years onwards.

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