Product Reviews

Independently Verified Product Reviews You Can Trust

At Troo Health all product reviews are independently 3rd party checked by PowerReviews before they are allowed to be published on our website. Every review submitted on the site goes straight to PowerReviews whose job it is to verify and check (for inappropriate comments etc) the reviews before they are released to Troo Health Care for final approval and publishing. 

We do everything to ensure that the product reviews at Troo Health Care can be trusted to be genuine opinions of customers who have actually used our products. At Troo Health Care we understand the importance of product reviews not only to enhance your shopping experience, but also as a way of quality control to ensure our customers are happy with the products on offer. 

The reviews of products on are the opinions of the customers who wrote them and should not be taken as fact or opinion of Troo Health Care. Ratings and reviews left on any of our products are the opinion of Troo Health Care customers. Troo Health Care does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims, medical advice or guarantee of results. Any results achieved by users of the products are not guaranteed for other users. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a third party called PowerReviews.
Content on this site is not intended to substitute for advice given by medical practitioner, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements about products are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Types of Reviews

There are 3 kinds of reviews which can be seen on Troo Health Care:

1. Verified Buyers - approximately 3 weeks after buying an item from Troo Health Care you will receive an email from Shopzilla Reviews asking you if you wish to review the product(s) you purchased. There is a link to each product within the email and if you click on one of these links to submit your review then you will be classed as a verified buyer. Verified buyers are identified by the logo below.
verified buyer

2. Verified Reviewers - this is when a review is left by a customer who has not used the new site before and so they verify their review by email instead. An example may be a customer who purchased from our old site or through one of the other shopping channels we use. You do not need an account with us to leave a verified review. All you need to do is provide your email address when prompted after submitting your review so that Shopzilla can contact you direct to verify who you are. Once this is done the review will be passed through Shopzilla and will eventually be published as a verified review with the logo below beside it. 
verified buyer

3. Non-verified Reviews - these are reviews which have been left by customers who have not purchased direct through our site and have not submitted an email address after submitting their review. As they cannot be verified by Shopzilla they do not have a logo beside them. We still publish non-verified reviews as long as they don't contain inappropriate language but the authors of the reviews are not verified.

Leaving a review is very straight forward and can be done from any product page on the site. Simply click the 'write a review' button and follow the instructions. It takes just a minute or two and as long as you are either a verified buyer or you verify by email then we will send you a 10% discount voucher.

As ever if you have any questions or need any help concerning product reviews then please just contact us.