Orange is the New Black

Turmeric known as the 'golden spice' has been a purported herb with health benefits of  praise for centuries in traditional medicines. In the 21st century, it's the most talked about herb, the most searched for herb and the most researched herb with over 6000 peer reviewed articles stating it's numerous benefits. 


Turmeric and its wonderful containing compound, curcumin, have many benefits supported by research, but the main ones to note are supporting healthy joints, immunity, digestion and liver function and mental well being. 


Healthy joints 

Research has shown that turmeric, in therapeutic doses, may reduce joint pain, swelling and redness. It may support cartilage degeneration and joint inflammation. Turmeric can be given in a supportive role or during times of need.



Research has shown that turmeric contains anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Turmeric has often been used as a successful, seasonal remedy in winter months for cold and flu. Research also suggests it can help with bugs of the stomach.


Digestion and Liver function

Turmeric can help a ‘sluggish’ digestion by promoting blood flow and supporting bile flow. Bile is a fluid that is made and released by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile is essential for fat emulsification and absoprtion. 


Mental Health

Research has shown turmeric is able to modulate inflammatory cytokine activity, helping the immune system in returning to a better state of balance. Cytokines impact mood and so in conclustion, turmeric can help balance mood, whilst reducing inflammation in the body.


Troo Turmeric 

Troo Health are delighted to provide 3 differnt Turmeric options - all blended with black pepper extract. Piperine is the extract from black pepper that has been proven to increase absorption and bioavailability of other ingredients, such as turmeric. Black pepper extract in itself has immune supporting activity.

Troo's Turmeric 500mg with Black Pepper Extract provides 500mg of turmeric and formulated to provide a standardised 95% curcuminoids (475mg) carried in specifically designed targeted release capsules for improved bioavailability. Due to the high curcuminoid content this option is not suitable if trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not suitable for women under the age of 50 (child-bearing age), for people with altered liver function, biliary function or gallstones. Do not take if taking medications. 

Our new Turmeric Curcuminoid Complex is an optimum curcuminoid complex which which is suitable for all. It provides a blend of Turmeric Extract, Turmeric Powder and Black Pepper to provide a convenient daily serving of 66mg curcuminoids per capsule.

Finally Troo Organic Turmeric is organically certified by the Soil Association and provides a pure organic turmeric powder. The curcuminoid activity in this product is at natural Turmeric levels - which is around 3%. Again this is suitable for all users.



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