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Boost Your Energy Levels & Combat Nutrition Deficiencies

Date: 29th November 2015 | Created by: Troo Healthcare |
This is the part of the year that many people turn their attention to their health. Most of us are tired of all the year’s hard work, and some of us plan to adopt New Year's resolutions to be healthier and lose weight during the upcoming year. 21st-century living poses so many significant challenges to our ability to obtain enough nutrients to stay healthy and energetic that most people can benefit from taking a good multivitamin and multimineral supplement.

The Scarcity of Vitamins and Minerals

  1. Poor dieting choices. Too many busy people neglect nutritious foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and pulses and live from bread, cereal, crisps, instant pasta, fast food takeouts, and so forth. These contain almost no nutrients, as most of them are wheat-based (not easy to digest), and drowned in sugar (which can cause tooth decay and diabetes), refined salt (notorious for causing high blood pressure) and trans fats (that are known to contribute to clogged arteries, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke).

  2. Food processing. To be as profitable as possible, food manufacturers want their products to last as long as possible. To achieve this, they add preservatives to foods that may destroy some of their nutrients. Even worse, they remove the parts of foods that tend to go rancid, such as the bran and germ from whole grains. The problem is that the bran and germ are the most nutritious parts of grains. Without them, you are eating something with almost no nutritional value. Even fruit and vegetables that are peeled and cut up before they are sold contain fewer nutrients than the whole ones. Many canned and frozen products are blanched first in boiling water, destroying plenty of nutrients.

  3. Nutrient-poor fresh food. Even if you make good food choices, you may still lack some nutrients. Our modern ploughing practices, land overuse, and use of chemical pesticides have degraded the soil so much that many plants that are grown in it are vitamin and mineral deprived. If there are too few minerals in the soil from which plants can manufacture vitamins, the plants you eat are nowhere near as nutritious as they should be. For example, green vegetables are the healthiest substances on the planet because they contain chlorophyll, but they require magnesium rich soil to manufacture enough chlorophyll. Some scientists hold magnesium deprived soil responsible for the fact that between 50 and 80 per cent of the American population, and probably the British too, is magnesium deficient. 

  4. Food storage. Time, light, air/oxygen, water, and heat can all destroy delicate nutrients like vitamins. Some of the foods you buy are out of season, and have been stored for months. Others have circled the globe from the countries from which we import. While manufacturers probably take reasonable care to have the products shipped and stored properly, some nutrients are definitely lost through time and oxidation.

  5. Cooking methods. Excessive water washes away soluble vitamins and minerals. High temperatures destroy many nutrients, especially folate, vitamin C, and thiamin (a vitamin B), three of the most delicate ones. Waterless cooking, steaming, pressure cooking, and even stir-frying are the healthiest cooking methods.

  6. Poor absorption. If you have coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel syndrome, or if you drink a lot of alcohol, you probably don't absorb enough of the nutrients in your food.

Signs of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

It is arguable that your body can perform almost none of its functions without vitamins and minerals. Making a list of symptoms is, thus, impossible because it will have to include absolutely everything that can go wrong. See whether anything on this admittedly incomplete list catches your attention and try to rectify it as soon as possible by improving your diet, and supplementing alongside with a good quality multivitamin.

  • Skin, hair, and nails. The most visible are skin infections, dryness, oily spots, blisters, red or brown spots, paleness, sore tongue, mouth ulcers, cracked lips, protruding veins, brittle nails, and hair that break easily or fall out. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K and many minerals like iron and zinc contribute to skin, hair, and nail health.

  • Poor immunity. People often notice when they get colds, flu, and allergies more often than before. Vitamin C and iron deficiencies are most common culprits, but not the only possible ones.

  • Fatigue and low mood. Few people even know what it feels like to live without nutritional deficiencies, so most of us have accepted fatigue and listlessness as normal. It is not. It may indicate a lack of iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B and C.

  • Muscle cramps, joint pain, and bone fractures. Calcium and vitamin D deficiencies weaken your bones, while the most common causes of muscle cramps are shortages of potassium and magnesium. In fact, if you lack potassium and magnesium, you may have heart palpitations too.

  • Neurological problems. Tingling or numbness anywhere in your body may indicate a lack of vitamin B12, B1, or D3. If you have restless legs, iron or folate may be the problem.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

For these reasons, it is a good idea to take a good multivitamin and multimineral supplement. Vitamins in supplements are either derived naturally from foods, or they are synthetically produced. The natural ones are far healthier, as synthetic ones are often made of potentially harmful substances like coal tar (vitamin B1), acetic acid (vitamin B2), ammonia (vitamin B3), glucose from cornstarch (vitamin C), and so forth.

For Best Results Choose a Supplement Derived From Natural Sources

Your body absorbs more of the vitamins and minerals obtained from natural sources. When one research team gave synthetic and natural vitamin E to hospital patients, they found that the patients absorbed a lot more of the natural than the synthetic vitamin E.
Because your body processes them differently, it compensates for overdoses of natural vitamins, but not synthetic ones. In one study, scientists discovered that an overdose of synthetic vitamin A gave rise to birth defects, while the same dose of natural vitamin A did not.

Troo-Vit Supreme SuperFood Multi Vitamin
is a high quality natural multi-mineral and multivitaminfood form multi-vitamin supplement that takes its minerals and vitamins from highly nutritional natural food sources like pre-sprouted activated barley, alfalfa, barley grass, beetroot, carrot, kelp, spinach leaf, spirulina, turmeric, wheat grass, and many others. Spirulina is a plant source of complete protein, making it a good protein supplement too.

Notice How Much Better You Feel When You Start Improving Your Nutritional Status

Instead of resolving only to lose weight during this holiday season, you should also be determined to put an end to nutritional deficiencies that may make you feel sick and fatigued. Then you will find you have enough energy to tackle a regular exercise program to get rid of that unwanted excess weight.

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