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Vitamins & Natural Remedies to Support Women With Hot Flushes During Menopause

While the menopausal journey can be a psychological and spiritual one for many women, it can also bring several distressing physical symptoms to deal with. One of them being hot flushes. Fortunately there are many vitamins and natural remedies which can provide support for women suffering with hot flushes during menopause.

Herbs & Remedies For Hot Flushes Support

Red clover is one of the premium sources of phytoestrogens, weak plant estrogens that help balance levels of estrogen in your body, thereby helping support menopausal health in women. Red clover also contains calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and vitamin C.

Ginseng is an adaptogen (it adapts itself to treat imbalances in the body) and can help balance blood pressure, blood sugar, Siberian Ginsengtriglyceride and cholesterol levels, and hormones. Ginseng works best on an empty stomach and can be taken before breakfast and before dinner. It is recommended that you not eat fruit for two hours after taking ginseng and that you take it separately from any vitamin supplement.

It is not advised for women with high blood pressure or diabetes. Women with asthma or emphysema would do well to avoid ginseng because of its histamine-liberating properties.

Bioflavonoids are very effective in controlling hot flushes, anxiety, and irritability. Plants containing bioflavonoids include dong quai, black cohosh, blue cohosh, unicorn root, false unicorn root, fennel, anise, sarsparilla, and wild yam root. Generally, yellow, orange, and red vegetables and fruits are good sources of bioflavonoids.

Dong Quai is a herb native to China. It is known as the “female ginseng” and is viewed as one of the foremost herbs in supporting health during menopause. It contains phytoestrogens that bind to the estrogen receptors in the body, thereby increasing levels of estrogen. In particular, dong quai dilates the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and providing support for hot flushes. Dong quai is especially effective when used in combination with black cohosh.

Maca Root is an adaptogen and supports the hypothalamus and pituitary, both of which are part of the adrenal system. Hot flushes areMaca Root caused by wrong signals to the body from the hypothalamus, responsible for regulating body heat.

Other natural support remedies you might like to try include: bee pollen, evening primrose oil, motherwort, Mexican yam, black cohosh, dandelion (strengthens the liver which is the control center for hot flushes), sage, chickweed tincture and nettle.

Best Foods for Hot Flushes

Common nutritional triggers for hot flushes include refined carbs, sugar, foods that act like sugar in the system, and simple carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol, and hot drinks or foods (spicy or temperature-wise) Keeping these to a minimum during menopause is recommended.

Helpful snack foods and beverages: Non-GMO (non-genetically modified) roasted soy nuts with sea salt or other natural seasonings, raw broccoli, a bowl of oatmeal topped with three tablespoons freshly ground flax seeds and soy milk, broccoli sprouts sprinkled over a salad or tucked inside a whole-grain wrap or omelet, icy soy smoothie blended with your choice of deeply pigmented berries, iced or hot chamomile tea.

Make foods high in phytoestrogens, such as linseed, tofu, soy milk, tempeh, and roasted soy nuts, a regular part of your diet.

Vitamins & Supplements for Hot FlushesVitamin E

For hot flushes, take d-alpha tocopherol vitamin E daily.   It may take around four weeks before the effects are really felt.

Note:  Women who are diabetic, taking medication for high blood pressure, or who have rheumatic heart conditions should take vitamin E under a doctor’s supervision. Do not take vitamin E with digitalis.

Other supplements which you may find of use in hot flash management is; magnesium, soy isoflavones and vitamin c with bioflavonoids.


Symptoms caused by menopause such as hot flushes can be unpleasant for women.Through the use of the right herbal remedies, supplements and foods, you can support your menopausal health to try and minimise any side effects.

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