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Simple Calorie and Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

A common excuse for not exercising is lack of time so this article outlines some simple calorie and fat burning exercises which can help you to lose weight at home.

In our recent blog post, ‘Lack of Exercise is as Big a Killer as Smoking’, we reported on a recent study which indicates that inactivity kills as many people as smoking. So even if you don’t need to lose weight perhaps you do need the exercise!

7 Simple Home Exercises

There are numerous exercises you can do in your own living room which can help to lose weight and maintain health:
  1. Squats – feet shoulder width apart and lower your bottom until just above couch seat height and then return to stand. If you wish you can make this harder by holding the squat for 3 seconds.
  2. Leg Lifts – lie on your side and lift your leg. Do sets on each leg.
  3. Crunches/Sit-ups – lie on your back with your arms across your chest and lift your head to the roof. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the way up – just lift your head until you can feel the stretch on your muscles.
  4. Jumping Jacks – a good cardio exercise and good for warming up too.
  5. Step Exercises – you will need a little step or can use the bottom stair in the house.
  6. Press-ups – an unpleasant experience for many people but you can make things easier for yourself by doing them in your knees or against a wall for example. It’s all exercise.
  7. Running on The Spot – great calorie burning exercise which you can do at home or listening to music. You can vary the difficulty by doing high knees, fast feet, sprints etc. If possible use a mat or mini trampoline and some decent running shoes to reduce impact.
The exercises above are just a small selection of what is possible. You can obviously do tuck jumps, knee lifts and a host more exercises if you wish. You can use tins of soup as weights and do some lateral raises or tricep exercises. The weight loss exercise routines available are only limited by your imagination.


If you have room in your house there are certain pieces of basic equipment which can make your home fat burning exercise routines more variable and effective.
  • Mini trampoline – you can do running, hopping, jumps etc on a mini trampoline. They are relatively cheap and brilliant for reducing impact on your joints. A friend of mine actually had a piece of wood made to be just a bit bigger than the trampoline and doubles it up as a coffee table when not in use.
  • Hand Weights – handy for increasing resistance. Can be substituted by food tins.
  • Skipping Rope – I’d recommend going out into your yard/garden if you want to skip but again it is a good weight loss exercise most people can do at home.
  • Exercise Ball – you can work out most body parts using an exercise ball and they are very good at reducing the strain on your body. They usually come with a number of suggested exercises on a sheet with diagrams to help get you going.
  • Wii Fit or Equivalent – if you want to add some extra fun into your workout invest in a wii fit. They provide a lot of variety and help you keep track of your exercise progress.
Again the kit above is just a few suggestions to open your mind.


Whether you want to lose weight or maintain health there are many exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home whilst watching your favourite tv program. All of the exercises mentioned in this article can help you burn calories and reduce fat as part of a weight loss program. What you can achieve with home exercise is only limited by your imagination.

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