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The Biggest Threat to Your Health?

Date: 14th March 2012 | Created by: Troo Healthcare |
In May 2011 the EU's Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive came into full force and with it the banning of a number of natural herbal ingredients, most of which had been used safely for hundreds of years. Much of this happened without most of the people who were affected (you) even knowing about it. A stealth campaign kept under the radar to restrict and control your freedom of choice.

It’s All About the Money …

You might think this is all about your safety and well-being and no doubt that is how the powers that be are trying to present it. The reality though is that it's all about the money and the desire for EU governments and Big Pharmaceutical companies to control it.

What the Tamiflu People Didn’t Tell You …

In January 2012 the Cochrane Collaboration used freedom of information laws to force Roche, a global drug giant who make and estimated £1.9 billion each year from the sale of Tamiflu, to release research that indicates that the drug is not effective and may actually cause damage to your immune system. The research suggests that, contrary to previous claims by Roche, the drug actually blocks the body's immune system against flu and is little better than a placebo in protecting you against the virus or reducing the length of time you might have it.

Governments around the world have been building up stocks of Tamiflu for use on key personnel in the event of an epidemic. Indeed the UK has enough Tamiflu to ‘vaccinate’ half the country. Behind the scenes both the Big Pharma companies (in this case Roche) and the government concerned get a slice of the money pie. That pie unfortunately seems to be big enough to make your health choices secondary. Tamiflu is simply a drop in the ocean.

A Silent Killer?

Prior to the EU legislation of May 2011 herbal/natural health supplements were sold under food law. As such they had to be as safe, if not safer, than a slice of bread. In 40 years no deaths have been attributed to herbal remedies sold under food law. In that same time frame over 40,000 deaths have been connected to licensed pharmaceuticals in the UK alone. See a pattern forming?

Unfortunately the EU seem not yet to be content to stop there.  Under the guise of ‘consumer protection’ (the irony) the EU plan to ban information on foods to tell if you they are healthy or not.

This Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation was originally passed through as MEPs thought it was going to protect consumers from false and misleading claims.  Whilst we are all for this, the legislation should not stop consumers from being informed about foods that genuinely are healthy.

What Can You Do?

It’s not too late but you need to take action now and tell your MEP how you feel. The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) is an internationally active organisation working towards protecting and promoting natural approaches to healthcare. They have all sorts of campaigns ongoing at all times to try and protect your right to choice.

However they can’t do it alone and need your help. On their website they have provided details of how you can write to your MEP and even provide a template letter for you if you’re stuck.

Take Action =>

You can either send a good old fashioned traditional letter or you can email. The important thing is you act now. If you don’t then you may have to accept the consequences further down the line.

To conclude we would just like to make it clear we aren't against pharmaceutical medicine, we just think you should not be forced to choose it when there may be alternatives. It's your body and it's your life so why can't you have the freedom to choose how to manage it?

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