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Referral Rewards - SAVE £££'s

As a small business we rely on word-of-mouth to help us grow. To encourage this we provide a unique loyalty code to each of our customers which:
  1. Rewards you for recommending us when you pass it on.
  2. Passes a discount to anyone who uses your code.

What Is Your Loyalty Code?

Your loyalty code is a unique personal code given given to every customer at Troo Health Care. Used correctly it can provide ongoing discounts for both you, your family and your friends. You can see the code when logged into the site at the top of the screen:

Referral Rewards

Your loyalty code does two things:

  1. Gives a 10% discount to anyone who uses it and isn't already an existing customer.
  2. Gives 2 reward points for every £1 spent (equivalent of 10%) using the code to the owner of the code. So if your friend places an order using your code they will get a 10% discount and you will get 2 reward points for every £1 your friend spent - each point is worth 5p.

Money In Your Pocket ...

All you need to do to get a constant flow of reward points to use as cash for purchases is give out your code to family, friends,Rewards-Points colleagues and anyone else you come across. It doesn't matter who uses your code - you will always get rewarded for it as long as they are a new customer:
  • Facebook, Twitter etc - tell your facebook friends about the 10% discount you have for them by pasting your code in a status update.
  • Email -  email everyone in your address book with your code.
  • Text - text your friends and family
  • Work Colleagues, Business Associates - if you can think of anyone at work or have access to an internal bulletin board then it's a perfect place to share. If you have a business or often visit other businesses you may have customers, suppliers or associates who may be interested.
  • Blogs and Forums - if there are any online blogs or forums you frequent online then they are a great place to post your code. The great thing about this is that once you have posted it in a few places people will still be able to find it for months and years to come.
  • Hobbies - are you a member of any clubs, societies or a gym?
  • People -  much of our communication these days is made through technology but the best form of communication is in person. Whether you're in the pub, playing netball, or talking to other parents on the school yard there are plenty of opportunities to share your discount.

Everyone loves a recommendation ...

The fact is we all love to receive things and to have things recommended to us - I am sure you do too. Don't you feel much more comfortable buying something or using a service recommended by someone you know?

This is no different. It stands to reason that many other people you know will benefit and want to use the health supplements we provide. Now you can make a recommendation in good faith providing a great discount and get rewarded for it. It's a win win for everyone!

Refer A Friend Now!

Please help us to grow our business and allow us to continue providing great value by telling as many people as you can. Your recommendation helps more than you can know and really is appreciated!

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