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Effective Weight Loss Strategy to Help Your New Year Slimming Goals

Date: 28th December 2015 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: weight loss, diet, slimming
With the new year upon us, this is the time many people make resolutions to make positive life changes. One of the most common of these is the commitment to lose weight. Sadly, this is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep. In a literature review of 31 studies in 2007, University of Los Angeles researchers found that, while most dieters managed to lose between five and 10 per cent of their starting weight in the first six months, they put more weight than they lost back during the following two to five years.

Dieting ultimately makes people put on weight. With keeping this in mind, your New Year's resolution to shed those extra pounds may end up in failure, so to avoid this (and lowered self-esteem as a result) your weight loss program needs to be turned into a lifestyle, and not just seen as a short-term diet.

Avoid Weight Gain Triggers

The first important strategy is to avoid foods, chemicals, and habits that cause weight gain and to replace them with healthier alternatives.
  1. Unhealthy processed foods like hydrogenated vegetable oils (as in margarine and cooking oils), refined grains (as in almost all bread, pastries, and pasta), and refined white and brown sugar are the biggest culprits. Replace them with unrefined oils, unrefined whole grain products, and natural sweeteners like fruit, stevia, unprocessed honey, cinnamon, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. And use them sparingly and occasionally.

  2. Animal product enthusiasts are at risk of consuming dangerous fats through the cream in dairy products, and fat in processed red meat like sausages and bacon. A person does not need to avoid all animal protein to be healthy, but ensuring a good variety of proteins are in the diet from a variety of sources is the key here. Replace some of your animal proteins with plant proteins like beans, peas, tofu, quinoa, spirulina, nuts, and seeds. Replace some of your milk with nut milks. Coconut milk is also delicious. Eliminate the processed meats and eat primarily lean white meats like turkey, chicken, game meat, and fish, choosing organic and wild as much as possible to give you the most benefits to health.

  3. Most 21st-century beverages like fruit juice and sodas contain too much sugar, and people add too much sugar to the coffee and tea they make at home. Sugar is a real problem for our health as consuming too much has been linked to heart diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Freshly squeezed and unsweetened fruit juice (in moderation), fruit and vegetables smoothies made with nut milk, and other unsweetened or stevia sweetened beverages are healthier options here.

  4. Overeating is always a bad idea. People overeat when they dish up too much, when they eat in front of the television or computer while distracted, when they lay their hands on special treats, when they eat out, and when they are depressed. To reduces the chances of overeating, try to Meal Replacement Drinkeat five small meals a day so you are never really hungry, eat from smaller plates, avoid eating straight from packets, and never eat anywhere other than in the kitchen or dining room. Examine your reasons for eating also each and every time you eat to ensure that you eat only when you are hungry. If you have no time to make a snack, a meal replacement is in order to substitute one meal per day. As skipping meals is a common reason people turn to junk food and also over eat, so having something on hand like this can help once again.

  5. Between television, computers, desk jobs, and even shopping, long periods of inactivity have become the norm. Take the stairs and avoid lifts and escalators, find an enjoyable hobby to take up all that television time, and exercise daily. Exercise does not require visiting the gym. Pleasant activities like swimming, walking your dog, jogging in the park, horse riding, step aerobics, and dancing are all good options, especially if you attend classes and do them in groups with other people to motivate you. If possible, stand up and work for at least 10 out of every 60 minutes. Also why not from time to time, try to simply enjoy the sound of silence once again and resist the urge to have any television on at all?

  6. Insomnia is becoming more common because of work overload and stress, but it sabotages your weight regulation hormones. Stress management strategies like mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and dedicated time with your kids or pets may help. You must also remove electronic distractions from your bedroom and keep a sleep schedule with regular bed and rising times to truly help lower stress levels on a long term basis.

  7. Several medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, overactive adrenal glands, and underactive thyroid glands cause weight gain. Get yourself tested if you continue to put on weight despite a healthy lifestyle.

  8. While drugs that cause weight gain cannot always be avoided, people who are taking corticosteroids, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), drugs for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, diabetes drugs, migraine prevention drugs, and antihistamines must be aware that their medication contributes to the weight gain so they can work to counteract them.

  9. By being fat-soluble and interfering with the hormones that regulate our bodies' normal weight, environmental toxins like pesticides and heavy metals can cause weight gain. A good water filter and organic fruit and vegetables can reduce your intake of these toxins.

Further Strategies to Lose Weight

Up to now, your new lifestyle is off to a good start with some necessary food and beverage substitutes, frequent small meals, new hobbies, enjoyable group exercise, sufficient sleep, relaxation, a water filter, and organic food. To supplement these changes, keep the following in mind:Pea Protein Powder
  • Proteins and healthy fats fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables make us feel full for longer, so we should eat them in almost all our meals. Pea Protein Powder is an excellent plant-derived protein to add to your smoothies, soups, and drinks.

  • Nutritional deficiencies cause weight gain. For example, people with low levels of vitamin C, thiamine (vitamin B1), biotin (vitamin H), chromium, and vitamin D, among others, are more likely to be overweight. Troo Meals Meal Replacement powder contains vitamins, minerals, and plenty of protein to help with deficiencies.

  • If you cannot spend at least 15 minutes between 11 AM and 3 PM in direct sunlight every day to enable your body to produce vitamin D, a good vitamin D supplement is necessary.

Make New Lifestyle Changes at Your Own Pace

This guide gives you options for being able to incorporate a lot of small changes to make to your life, that should leave you feeling great once implemented, all at your own pace. Some of them are easy, like buying organic food, while others some may find more challenging in the beginning, like adopting an exercise routine. Instead of making a New Year's resolution to lose weight or to go on a diet, why not commit to making one of these changes every new month? By the end of 2016, your healthy lifestyle will be an automatic habit and you will have lost a lot of weight healthily.

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