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How to Take the Pressure Off Your Liver This Christmas

Date: 24th November 2015 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: liver, livpro, detox, christmas
Few organs in your body work as hard and thanklessly as your liver. While you may think of detoxification as something you do once a year when you adopt a green juice detox cleanse for a week, detoxing is a full-time job for your liver as it is your body's main waste purification plant.

Most of the toxins that you swallow, inhale, and take in through your skin, plus those that bacteria produce inside your body, pass through your liver to be destroyed or converted to substances that can be more safely and easily excreted. Since the Christmas holiday period puts even more pressure on our livers, there is no better time than December and January to clean your liver and give it some extra support.

Holiday Habits that Tax Your Liver

  • Over-eating. If you overeat, as most of us do this time of the year, your liver must speed up its conversion of glucose to fatty acids for long-term storage in fat cells. This is, in fact, one cause of fatty liver disease: you eat so much fat and sugar that your liver starts accumulating it because it cannot convert and send it to fat cells quickly enough.
  • Fatty foods. Many of the foods on your Christmas table contain fat, especially the animal and trans fats that are the unhealthiest. When you eat a lot of fat, your liver must produce more than a litre of bile every day to send to your small intestine to break it down. Even worse, since your liver draws blood straight from your intestines, it is forced to absorb a lot of the fat you eat directly. This also leads to fatty liver disease.
  • Sugary, refined carbohydrate-laden foods. With all the Christmas desserts and pastries that you eat during the winter holidays, your liver becomes overworked as it has to respond to skyrocketing blood sugar by removing sugar from your blood and storing it as glycogen. It also has to deal with plummeting blood sugar levels, which inevitably occurs a while after a carbohydrate-laden meal, by breaking down this glycogen and releasing it as sugar back into your bloodstream.
  • Alcohol. If you drink more than usual over the Christmas holidays, your liver must overwork by removing it from your intestines, converting it to acetaldehyde, then to acetate, through a few more steps, until it can leave your body as carbon dioxide and water. If you drink more than 10 grams of alcohol an hour, an amount commonly contained in a single drink, it backs up in your system, as your liver cannot process more.
  • Drugs. Recreational (cigarette smoke or amphetamines) and medical (antacids or painkillers) pass through your liver where they are converted to harmless substances that can be excreted. Antacids because of poor dieting and heartburn are common this time of year, as are amphetamines for all night partygoers.
  • Unsafe sex. Unsafe sex can pass the herpes virus to you, which is responsible for hepatitis and some other serious liver diseases.

Signs of Liver Congestion

Even if you are relatively responsible and restrained, you still inhale plenty of chemicals with which the atmosphere is polluted, swallow plenty of additives and preservatives with which your food is polluted, and take in potentially harmful chemicals through your skin which your cosmetic products are polluted. This occurs throughout the year and there is no way to avoid it. If your liver is congested with fat and toxins that it is struggling to break down, you probably suffer some of the following symptoms:
  1. Abdominal discomfort. Your liver is situated just below your rib cage in the upper right corner of your abdomen. Pain or discomfort in this area may indicate that your liver is struggling.
  2. Indigestion, heartburn, and/or bloat. If your liver cannot remove fat quickly enough from your intestines, a lot of food will be trapped by the unabsorbed fat that can then not be absorbed or excreted.
  3. Fatigue. If your liver does a poor job of converting fat and carbohydrates to energy, you will feel permanently tired.
  4. Unexplained weight changes. If you put on weight and cannot lose it by exercise and improving your diet, or if you suddenly lose weight without trying, your liver may be sluggish to respond to insulin or may store fat incorrectly.
  5. High cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Your liver must remove fat from the blood it receives. If it is sluggish, these cardiovascular markers may increase.
  6. General allergies. If your liver is congested, it can no longer respond properly to environmental toxins and drugs, which may trigger huge immune system responses to these substances.
  7. Skin allergies. If your liver cannot detoxify your blood, you can expect skin allergies, because your body tries to push the toxins away from its vital organs to a place where they can cause damage without killing you.
  8. Mood and energy swings. If your liver responds sluggishly to insulin, your blood sugar will fluctuate unpredictably.

There are probably many other signs, as many theorists believe your liver to have more than 500 individual functions, but these can serve as a good guide.

Good Liver Support

If you struggle with any of these, your liver may need an extra boost to strengthen and decongest it. In mostly animal and laboratory (in vivo) studies, scientists have identified many substances that may help.

LIVpro Liver and Gallbladder Support is a high quality food supplement that contains all these substances, together with nine equally powerful others.

Your Liver Is For Life, Not Just to Help You Keep Partying This Christmas

With so much more pressure felt by the liver at Christmas time it seems, than any other time of the year, this is the best time of the year to give your liver the extra support and attention it needs, and rightfully deserves. By doing so, you will feel healthier, more energetic, and as a result will go onto enjoy your Christmas holidays more.

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