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Omega 3 Can Prevent Deafness In Old Age

Date: 23th September 2014 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: omega 3, fish oil, oily fish, hearing, deafness
An article in the daily mail last week highlights yet more research supporting the health support benefits provided by Omega 3 in oily fish. In the study of over 65 thousand nurses it was discovered that 'those who ate it at least twice a week were 20 per cent less likely to develop deafness.'

Omega 3 Oils are known as Essential Fatty Acids and, although essential to your body, can not be produced in sufficient quantities by your body to satisfy your requirements. As such omega 3 fish oil needs to be obtained through either your natural diet or through supplementation.

The study was originally published online by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Quotes from one of the authors – Dr Sharon Curhan of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston – highlights how omega 3 can lower your hearing loss risk factors.

'Although a decline in hearing is often considered an inevitable aspect of ageing the identification of several potentially modifiable risk factors has provided new insight into possibilities for prevention or delay of acquired hearing loss.

Consumption of any type of fish – tuna, dark fish, light fish or shellfish – tended to be associated with lower risk. These findings suggest diet may be important in the prevention of acquired hearing loss

The research to support the importance of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 to ongoing health is piling up. Fish Oil has been associated benefits in particular associated with heart health, brain health and macular degeneration (common cause of blindness in older people).

Alison Hornby, a spokesman for the British Dietetic Association, is quoted on the NHS website: ‘The benefits of eating at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish, include keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level and improving blood lipids, both of which reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, the biggest killer in the UK.'

To demonstrate this you only need to look at Japan where a fish-rich diet sees an Omega 3 intake of around 1,000mg per day. In the UK our average consumption is closer to 100mg. Is it a coincidence that Japan have extremely low levels of heart disease whilst in comparison it is the 'biggest killer in the UK'?

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