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Lack of Exercise is as Big a Killer as Smoking

Date: 18th July 2012 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: smoking, exercise, health
A new study has indicated that not getting enough exercise is killing as many people as smoking, with people in the UK suffering more than most. In fact the problem has got so bad that researchers are now suggesting it should be classed a pandemic. According to the report 1 in 3 people are not getting enough exercise leading to and estimated 5.3 million deaths each year.

The study, published in the Lancet as part of the build up to the London Olympics, brought together 33 leading researchers from around the globe. The results are a particularly damning for higher income countries such as the UK where two thirds of adults are believed to be not doing enough.

It is recommended that adults involve themselves in 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Moderate exercise can be anything from brisk walking, swimming, running, cycling or even doing domestic chores such as gardening or house work.

For any smokers that are thinking that if they exercise they offset any risk of smoking we should clarify the figures a little. While each one kills the same amount of people each year the amount of people smoking is a lot less than the amount that don't - meaning smoking is a lot more risky on an individual basis. If you're choosing between an exercise plan and quitting smoking then we definitely recommend you stick to the sofa and bin the cigarettes.

Nevertheless it is clear that inactivity is a serious health issue and one that the public in general are not overly aware of. The message is clear - if you want to look after your health you need to try and increase your physical output each week. We'll be posting a new blog post soon to give you a few ideas how you can do this without having to invest in new running gear or a gym membership.

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