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Top Tips To Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

Date: 22nd February 2012 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: weight loss,weight loss tips,lose weight fast,weight loss supplements
Whilst the inevitable truth is that in order to lose weight you need to be using more calories than you are consuming, the way you go about this will determine how effective it is and how long you can sustain it. Whilst aids such as diet supplements can aid efforts there are no miracle cures out there.

For the most effective and sustainable outcome you’re probably going to need to think differently about weight loss. Here are some top tips to lose weight fast and effectively:

1 – DON’T Crash Diet

If you cut your food and calorie intake drastically the automatic reaction of your body is to panic, cut off the fuel supply and start to conserve fat.

2 – DON’T Skip Breakfast

Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism after your body has not eaten for several hours.  You don’t need a big breakfast - some fluid intake such as a nice healthy smoothie or a fruit juice would be enough to get you going.

3 - Start Eating More …

Research has shown that breaking up the traditional ‘3 meals a day’ into 6 smaller healthy meals will help boost your metabolism.

4 – Avoid White

Simple sugars, rice and refined flour are all absorbed quickly by your body and are converted into fat stores.

5 – Drink Plenty of Water

Drink approximately 2-3 litres of water per day to support your metabolism and flush out toxins that are released as you lose weight.

6 – Exercise

Slow low intensity exercise is most efficient for fat burning purposes as the body relies less on sugar and uses fat for fuel instead.

7 – Get Plenty of Sleep and Chill Out

Studies have shown that if you get at least 7 hours or more sleep each night you will be less prone to weight gain than those who do not sleep as much.

8 – Measure Progress Sensibly and Effectively
  • Weigh Time – You need to weigh yourself at the same time each day – usually first thing on a morning is best.
  • Measure Your Body – Use a tape measure to measure your chest, biceps, thighs, waist and hips.
  • Listen to Your Body – If you feel good, your clothes are getting looser, you have more energy and you are fitter and stronger than you were before, then you’re on the right road.
9 – Take All of the Help You Can Get

If you struggle with motivation then join a weight loss group for extra support. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help too.

A nutritional and well-made weight loss supplement can help to optimize your body for weight loss by supporting metabolic function and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.


No-one said losing weight was easy but unless you do it in a way whereby you can incorporate it comfortably into your lifestyle and maintain it then in the long term it becomes just about impossible. Making weight control part of your everyday life is the best way to lose weight fast and effectively

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