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Save £££s With Triple Points Referrals

Date: 16th February 2012 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: loyalty points,discount,referrals
Valentines daymay be done and dusted but you can still share the love for the rest ofFebruary. For the rest of this month you can earn triple loyalty pointsfor each referral you make to Troo Health Care who places an orderusing your loyalty code. Your loyalty code can be found at the top ofthe page next to your name when you sign in to youraccount.

To qualify all you need to do is give out your 'loyalty code' tofriends, family and colleagues and you will earn 6 points on every £1they spend on an order. Even better they will get a 5% discount ontheir first order just for being referred by you. It's a win win!

8 ways to share the love ...
  1. Facebook - tell your facebook friends about the 5% loyalty code you have for them by pasting it in a status update. If there is a specific product you want to tell them about then just click the facebook 'like' button on the product page and  leave a message with your code.
  1. Twitter - send a tweet out with your loyalty code. Again if you want to refer to a specific product then you can do from the twitter button on the product page.
  1. Email - email your friends. Again you can do this from a product page using the 'share this' button.
  1. Text - send a little text out with details of your loyalty code. So many people have smart phones these days most of them will probably be able to go directly to the site from their phone.
  1. Work Colleagues - if you can think of anyone at work or have access to an internal bulletin board then it's a perfect place to share. If you have a business or often visit other businesses you may have customers, suppliers or associates who may be interested.
  1. Blogs and Forums - if there are any online blogs or forums you frequent online then they are a great place to post your code. Once you have posted it in a few places people will still be able to find it for months and years to come.
  1. Hobbies - are you a member of any clubs, societies or a gym?
  1. People -  much of our communication these days is made through technology but the best form of communication is in person. Whether you're in the pub, playing netball, or talking to other parents on the school yard there are plenty of opportunities to share the love.

The fact is ways of sharing your loyalty code are only limited by yourimagination. If you enjoy being a customer of Troo Health Care then itstands to reason that other friends, family and acquaintances of yourswill share those interests and be grateful to you for sharing yourdiscount.

We will also always be gratefull for any referrals you can send ourway. Referrals are the best way for us to grow our business and themore successful we are the more value we will be able to offer you inthe long run.

If there is anyone at all you can think of who might be interested ingreat value and quality health supplements then please let them knowabout us and pass on loyalty discount with your compliments.

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