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Top Tips to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Date: 14th February 2012 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: immune support,cold,flu,immune
On average each year it is estimated that 70% of people suffer with colds, 29% get flu, 57% endure coughs and sore throats, while 46% get stuffy noses.

I don't know about you but with the recent cold snap in the UK I've noticed a few more grainy voices and snivels echoing in the playground as I drop the kids off for school. No doubt doctors surgeries up and down the country are currently being inundated with a new bout of seasonal sickness.

The fact is for many of us these trips to the doctor can be avoided and health can be maintained through good nutrition and lifestyle choices. This should always be your be the preferred choice.

Afterall why wait to get ill, feel dreadful, then visit the doctor only to pollute your body with prescription medicines just to mask the symptoms? It is healthy nutrients your body craves - NOT prescription and over-the-counter medicines which serve only to hide the underlying issues.

Here are a few top tips to keep your immune system strong through winter:

1. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat and drink. Sugar interferes with the ability of your white blood cells to fight bacteria.

2. Cut down on saturated fats - they also have a negative effect on your immune system

3. Lower the amount of alcohol you drink

4. If you're a smoker then quitting is an easy way to massively boost your immune system

5. Reduce stress - this is a biggy which is very much under-appreciated. Stress is a killer and can certainly make you much more prone to illness. Find time to relax and if possible take up some relaxing activities such as a yoga class or a daily walk.

6. Include extra vegetable and fruits in your diet to boost your immue power. Supplements can help. At minimum you should consider a high quality food form multi-vitamin such as Troo-Vit Supreme.


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