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A Sweet Way for Women to Their Lower Stroke Risk

Date: 19th November 2011 | Created by: Troo Healthcare |
Adding a bit of chocolate to your diet might help lower stroke risk, says a new study, which looked at chocolate consumption in more than 33,000 women who were part of a study group called the Swedish Mammography Cohort.

The women were followed for about ten years, and stroke events during this time were recorded.

This isn’t the first time that the health benefits of chocolate have made headlines. Previous studies have shown that chocolate has various effects that may help prevent heart disease, including lowering blood pressure, inhibiting “bad” cholesterol, making the blood less prone to clotting (decreasing platelet aggregation), and improving insulin sensitivity.

Most of these perks have been associated with eating dark chocolate because milk inhibits the absorption of the cocoa’s antioxidant flavonoids (which are found in the cocoa solids) responsible for chocolate’s health-boosting effects.

In the new study, for each 50-gram-per-week increase in chocolate consumption, the risk of stroke decreased by 12%. This was an observational study, meaning that the women were not given chocolate in a controlled trial to test the effects of chocolate consumption on stroke risk.

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