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Don't Let Illness Ruin Your Family Christmas

Date: 9th December 2013 | Created by: Troo Healthcare |
With Christmas fast approaching it would be a shame to ruin by your family being ill. This is the time of year, with the extra stress that preparing for Christmas can bring, that your body's immune system needs to be at full speed.

To support your immune system and help your body keep away the winter bugs why not take advantage of one or more of these great offers:

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 Echinacea 3200mg
KiddieBoost  Vitamin D3 10000iu
Echinacea Capsules
Native Remedies KiddieBoost
Vitamin D3 Tablets
Echinacea is famed for its ability to support the immune system and is commonly used during common cold and flu seasons for additional support. Immune support for kids! Specifically formulated to support children's immune systems from the age of 12 months. Comes in a convenient drop formula that is easy to administer to children  Anyone living in the UK or similar latitude should be supplementing 1000iu per day Vitamin D3 at very least between the months of October-March. Not doing so puts your short and long term health at risk.  
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 echinacea review

'Excellent Value. Proven to help boost the immune system, been taking it for years and very rarely get a cold, so something works!!'

100mphplus, Warrington

 kiddieboost review

'I would buy this product again. My kids are using it for a month now, so far so good.'

Ingle, London

 vitamin d3 review

Troo's Vitamin D seemed good value and although it is early days still, I am already feeling livelier and the supplements do seem to be the main reason.'

Arthur, Didcot

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Offer Valid Until Midnight December 15th 2013

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JamesApril 30, 2012The breakfast thing is cplomete nonsense. That one's been debunked a hundred times, it just somehow hasn't reached the ears of mainstream journalists yet.Anyway, here's what I've found works for me:- Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day. Aim for exactly 7.5 hours. Not 7, not 8 exactly 7.5. (Sleep cycles last 1.5 hours, and you'll feel more rested if you wake up at the end of one instead of in the middle of one).- Do something in the morning to raise your body temperature. I do sprints or bodyweight exercises. (The circadian rhythm is actually a body-temperature cycle. When your body is warm, you feel awake. When it is cold, you feel sleepy. So to wake up in the morning, raise your body temperature)- Expose your eyes to at least 20 minutes of sunshine per day. More is better. The GQ article is spot-on about doing this in the morning.- If you sit a lot, take a break once every hour or so to stand up, walk around, do some pushups or squats, etc. Again, you need to keep your body temperature high to stay alert.- When you feel sleepy in the afternoon (usually after lunch), take a 20 minute nap. I used to do 25, but I've found 20 is better. Don't worry if you can't fall asleep; the goal is to just lay there with your eyes closed not moving for 20 minutes. Even if you don't fall asleep, you'll feel refreshed afterward, and after doing this every day for a while your body will learn to fall asleep. (Yes, I nap every day, with rare exceptions). When your alarm goes off in 20 minutes, you may feel like sleeping longer, but don't give in to it. Get out of bed, go to the bathroom, drink some water, then immediately do some pushups or pullups. 5-10 minutes later, you'll end up feeling much more alert than before you napped.- Don't exercise within 2 hours of bed-time. Again, circadian rhythm to sleep deeply, your body temperature has to drop. If you exercise, you elevate your body temperature and will have a hard time going to sleep. Likewise, avoid looking at a computer screen within 30 minutes of bed time. Dim the lights during this time. This has to do with melatonin production, the same reason you expose your eyes to sunlight in the morning. Melatonin is only produced in near-darkness, and is necessary for a deep sleep. If you're staring at a computer screen, you're staring into a lightbulb and your body can't produce melatonin. 30 minutes before bed, I start getting ready to sleep, then I read in bed with a nightlight.- On the topic of melatonin, wear a sleep mask. It's the easiest way to make sure you're sleeping in cplomete darkness, so your body can produce sufficient melatonin.- And of course, caffeine. We all know I'm a huge fan. I usually have 3 cups a day 4:30am when I wake up, 8:30am when I get to work, and 12:00pm after lunch. I sleep at 9pm, which means most days I don't touch caffeine within 9 hours of sleeping. The half-life of caffeine is 6 hours, which means if you drink a cup of coffee at 3pm, at 9pm you still have half a cup's worth of caffeine in your system. Bad news if you want to sleep deeply. I haven't noticed any sleep quality problems despite having 3 cups most days, but keep in mind these are cups of drip coffee and don't have nearly as much caffeine as one of those jumbo starbucks cups.I also drink tea randomly. Yerba mate, green tea, rooibos (caffeine free), and matcha (powdered green tea). These all have been shown to have a ridiculous amount of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, so I'm sure they don't hurt!Anyway, that's my (long) list of tips. I'm kind of a geek about this stuff, though. I'm going to write a book one day.
November 13, 2015

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