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Nutrition And Daily Supplements To Support Good Health

Date: 15th January 2013 | Created by: Troo Healthcare | Tags: nutrition, supplements, health, krill oil, multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants, omega oil, omega 3
Despite the ongoing efforts of the 5-a-day campaign surveys have shown that only 1 in 8 British people actually achieve this – with a national average of just 2.5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Meanwhile it has been shown that over 90% of people do not eat the recommended three servings of wholegrain foods each day.

Meanwhile, modern farming methods mean that produce on the shelves does not have the same nutritional content that it did in generations past. GMO (Genetic Modification) & intensive farming practices mean soils for crops and lifestock rearing are deficient in vital trace nutrients. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of us do not get sufficient essential nutrients from our daily diet?

UPDATE: if you read the media widespread bashing of vitamins in December 2013 then you can see our response to this in our article 'The Truth About Vitamins'.

Why Is Good Nutrition Important?

A scientific review of the 150 clinical trials published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that the lack of many nutrients is a significant risk factor for heart disease, stroke, some cancers, birth defects, osteoporosis, bone fractures and other major chronic health problems

In a related paper (Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention In Adults. Clinical applications. Fletcher RH, Fairfield KM, JAMA 2002;287:3127-3129), the authors suggest “pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomised trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements”.

Moreover, Dr Roger Williams, one of the leading biochemists of the modern world, states that as a minimum healthy people should use multi-vitamin and mineral supplements as an “insurance formula” against possible deficiency.

It should also be considered that some essential nutrients are also difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities from food. For instance Vitamin D is acquired mainly from direct exposure to sunlight – an obvious problem during the British Winter (or Summer for that matter).

Nutritional Foundations To Support Good Health

There are any amount of reasons why a person may need to supplement their diet. Health problems or nutrition to offset medication depletion for example might mean needing more of a certain vitamin or mineral in your diet than you can get from food. However, as a general basis of good health for the average person in the UK, we have identified 5 cornerstones of essential nutrition to help maintain good health:

High Quality Daily Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Troo-Vit Supreme Multi-vitamin
Taking a high quality multi-vitamin & mineral will provide all of the required nutrients required by your body on a daily basis Dr. Roger Williams, one of the leading biochemists of our time, states that healthy people should use multi-vitamins & minerals as an "insurance formula" against possible deficiency.

Troo-Vit Supreme SuperFoods is a 100% organic and natural food form multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. As a food form supplement it provides a full selection of essential nutrients using a collection of specially selected superfoods. Because it is in food form it is more easily absorbed by your body than man-made synthetic vitamins that you might find in your local chemist to ensure maximum nutrition retention.

We would always recommend food form over synthetic vitamins - you can find out why here. If you prefer synthetic vitamins then try our Multi-Vitamins & Iron tablets.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Superba Krill Oil Capsules

Omega-3 fish oils have a number of beneficial effects in the body and you are advised to eat 2-4 portions of oily fish per week. The average British adult eats less than one sixth of this and an astonishing 70% of adults eat no oily fish at all.

There are many ways to supplement your omega 3 intake, including a specific omega-3 fish oils supplement, Flaxseed Oil or, our personal favourite, Krill Oil.

Krill Oil is bottom of the food chain and is harvested in the pure waters of antarctic.  Independent testing reveals the antioxidant power of Krill Oil to be over 300 times stronger than Vitamins A & E, over 48 times stronger than Omega-3 and over 34 times stronger than Co Q-10.


Although it does not get so much coverage as the more glamorous supplements, Selenium is actually one of the most important traceselenium ace tablets elements in your diet. If you live in the UK (and much of Europe) it is particularly important as it is highly likely you are not getting the Selenium you need - which could be bad news for your health.

As little as 30 years ago Selenium was in plentiful supply in our diet. However things changed when we stopped importing wheat from the US, instead growing our own. The problem being that the soil in Europe is deficient in Selenium compared to the US.

Selenium is a powerful little nutrient, capable of delivering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is often referred to as an antioxidant but is in fact far smarter than that. Rather than having a direct antioxidant effect is actually enhances the body's own natural antioxidant defence mechanisms. Effectively it is allowing your body to work to it's full potential.

Selenium is needed in the body for normal cell growth and immunity. It helps to protect the body against a wide variety of degenerative diseases (including cognitive decline), whilst it also supports the functioning of a liver enzyme (P450) involved in detoxifying cancer causing chemicals. Selenium is also involved in the repair of damaged genes.

Being a trace mineral we only need tiny amounts of selenium so high strength supplementation is unnecessary - and could even be harmful. No doubt the star in Selenium's resume is it's ability to protect from cancer. However studies have shown that there is a U-shaped dose response relationship in this area. Put simply don't get enough Selenium and your cancer risk increases, get the right amount and your risk significantly decreases, get too much and the risk starts to increase again.

Unfortunately some companies jumping on the Selenium bandwagon have gone blindly for the merits of more is better. There are selenium supplements on the market at 200mcg and over - this is more than is needed and could be harmful long term. If you live in the UK then for women you should be taking a daily dose of 50-60mcg, for men the optimum dose is 100mcg.

Vitamin D

Throughout time we have relied on sunlight to trigger the production of Vitamin D in our bodies. With ever-increasing concerns about vitamin d tabletsskin cancer, and lifestyle changes meaning a more indoor-based lifestyle, vitamin d levels have plummeted. If you live in the UK the opportunity to actually see sunlight is also an issue.

Vitamin D is essential for  preventing the childhood bone disease rickets, which has recently re-emerged due our personal levels of vitamin d becoming so low. This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as vitamin D is vital for almost every stage of your life and is required in far higher doses than currently recommended.

The UK is potentially sitting on an osteoporosis time-bomb, with a stack of research showing that your vitamin D levels are likely far from adequate. Meanwhile, other studies show that vitamin D influences your risk of just about every major modern day health problem, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Between the months of October and April everyone in the UK should be supplementing with vitamin D. At this time of year any sun exposure you get won't count anyway as at our latitude is such that the rays you get in these months are not at the frequency required to generate vitamin D. That goes for anyone who lives above around 41 degrees latitude.

During these winter months a daily dose of 1100iu-1200iu is recommended. If using a 1000iu supplement you can achieve this by taking 2000iu on one day each week.It is not recommended that you supplement with a higher dose than this unless under medical supervision. During the summer if you get sufficient safe sun exposure then you don't need to supplement.


Natural Astaxanthin Capsules
Anti-oxidants are probably marketed a lot harder than what they deserve if truth be told. If you have a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables then you probably don't need to add extra anti-oxidants. If you do need to supplement due to poor diet then make sure you use food-based supplements instead of high-dose manufactured supplements.

Anti-oxidants are compounds that help protect your body against free-radical damage. Free-radicals have been shown to be responsible for the initiation of many diseases, including the two biggest killers heart disease and cancer. Although free radicals can be damaging to our health there is more to it than that - and free radicals are actually an important part of health balance (particularly in sport).

Anti-oxidant nutrients are very important in protecting against the development of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic degenerative diseases. In addition anti-oxidants are also thought to slow down the ageing process.

Based in extensive data, it appears that a combination of anti-oxidants will provide greater anti-oxidant protection than any single nutritional antioxidant. Therefore when supplementing we would recommend using minimum dose of more than one anti-oxidant. We would also recommend that you use food form antioxidants rather than high potency manufactured supplements.

Bear in mind that if you were using a superfood food form multi-vitamin such as Troo-Vit along with Krill Oil then you already have two very powerful anti-oxidants in your armoury. As a third we recommend Astaxanthin as a good choice, the up and coming super-power of health supplements. However there are many other good anti-oxidants to choose from to complete your health foundations.


Even in a modern country such as Britain the vast majority of people do not acquire the nutrition their body’s need. Although there are many variable circumstances which can affect our nutritional requirements, we all have the same basic requirements needed to build a strong foundation for health. The benefits of using Omega 3 fish oils and anti-oxidants are widely documented and reported, whilst there is a strong argument for everyone (including healthy people) to use a quality multi-vitamin.

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Thank you for a very informative article and having to counter the negative by proving 'we are what we eat and drink' Your vitamins are truly excellent and we will continue to buy your good products Alexandra
November 22, 2014

excellent analysis of the needs of mankind, which are hard to get through nutrient depletion in our soils.
August 09, 2014
Hi this article is great can't take it all at once but will read it again please could you send me a catalogue if you do one (please) 1 Maes y groes, Tal y bont, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 3YD Many thanks N.Lea
February 19, 2014

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