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Troo Health Care offers a wide variety of detox products to aid in detoxification by cleansing toxic substances from the body. We have a combination of natural and herbal detox supplements to support the healthy function of the liver, colon, digestive system, gallbladder, immune system and other internal organs.

We are all equipped to deal with foreign substances and toxins in the body, but an unhealthy diet or an increase in alcohol consumption can reduce the ability to cope, leading to a slow decline in overall health and well being. Detox supplements are designed to restore this balance and help to flush out harmful toxins to allow the body to maintain its natural function.

Colon and liver cleansers in particular are effective detox products with a number of benefits. Colon cleansing will remove many toxins from both the small and large intestines which may have been causing the digestive system and colon to become sluggish. Bowel movements will become more regular once the ‘debris’ has been cleared from the colon and intestines and this will promote a healthier digestive system. Liver cleansing is also important to ensure that your body has the strength to fight off infection and improve overall health for people of all ages.

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Regular Price: £22.97
Sale Price: £17.97 inc vat
PARA-Klenz Support 90 Veg Capsules
Regular Price: £16.97
Sale Price: £12.97 inc vat
LIVpro Support 60 Capsules
Regular Price: £16.97
Sale Price: £10.97 inc vat
COL-Flush Ultra 100 Capsules
 £15.97 inc vat
Troo-Nourish Organic Supers 300g
Regular Price: £21.97
Sale Price: £17.97 
Troo-Vit Organic Supreme SuperFood Multi Vitamin 100 Capsules
Regular Price: £19.97
Sale Price: £16.97 inc vat
Regular Price: £19.97
Sale Price: £11.97 inc vat
OxyLift 30ml
Regular Price: £29.99
Sale Price: £25.99 inc vat
DetoxSlim 59ml
Regular Price: £34.96
Sale Price: £27.97 inc vat
Organic Moringa 500mg 120 Capsules
Regular Price: £19.97
Sale Price: £11.97 inc vat
Regular Price: £14.97
Sale Price: £9.97 inc vat
D-Mannose 500mg 90 Capsules
Regular Price: £16.97
Sale Price: £12.97 inc vat

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